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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone

Where mobility meets tranquility

In 2020 we challenged ourselves to design a multi-purpose vessel that combines the mobility features of the RV industry with the tranquility vibe of the marine industry. We couldn’t be more proud of our hard work as we introduce the world to our sophisticated and unique vessel the ( Radaslow to name )

About Us

Anchored by our European Yacht Designer Radosław Sobolak our team of engineers have experience in Naval Architecture, Yacht Design, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We joke when we say we are a little Boeing, IKEA and Chris-Craft all mixed together but it is reflected in our work…. simple, clean and sophisticated design backed by engineering, manufacturing and assembly excellence.


Rather than creating a classic cuboid houseboat the goal was to bring together solutions from the yacht design industry and shape a hybrid multipurpose vessel that combine the best ideas from these two fields. This is represented by smart usage of space and a unique construction shape which allows for a simplified building process.
We worked with Aerospace Engineers, Naval Architects and Designers to engineer a superstructure similar to an airplane fuselage. The advantage of using high grade aluminum and thermoformed polymers is that allows for superior stability and strength while affording a spacious and elegant feel to the interior of the vessel.
Hull length: 30’ [9.00m]
Beam: 8’6” [2.60m]
Boat Overall Height: 11’9” [3.60m]
Internal standing height: 6’5” [1.97m]
Beds: 4+1
Our hull design balances need for stability, efficiency and mechanical storage. Countless hours were spent analyzing the design in many operational scenarios.
Power Plant
We took an ecofriendly, practical and innovative approach to vessel power, a hybrid system. In fact, it was so novel we now have a patent pending on this hybrid concept. Our hybrid system combines the raw power of gasoline engines with the quite power benefits of electric motors. We can work with any existing outboard motor manufacture and retrofit their engines to switch back and forth between gas and electric. Better yet, when the gas engine is running the electric motor we have designed will charge your batteries much faster than with just an outboard motor.